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Hello & Welcome to Edgewood Rd. Photography!

Hi and welcome to the Edgewood Rd. Photography blog! This is where I will keep you up to date on sessions and a bit about me. This being my first official post I’m just going to catch you up on all that’s been going on for me and Edgewood Rd. Photography.

My most recent photo session was for the Alexander Dawson 11th Annual Reach for the Stars Gala! This year the event was held at The Marquee in the Cosmopolitan Hotel. It was a night of beautiful people, an incredible backdrop and an atmosphere of ease and fun, giving me many wonderful photo opportunities. I truly enjoyed the night and it was hard to call it work.

Arlow the Puppy - Las Vegas photography blog
Arlow the Puppy – ain’t he sweet?

Spring is in the air here in Las Vegas, I’ve found myself wandering around outside, camera in hand and a new puppy by my side taking photos for my site & Las Vegas photography blog. I love the beginning of spring when everything is blooming and the bees are buzzing (My secret talent is I’m a bee whisperer). This time of year makes for my favorite kind of lighting, that extraordinary natural light so I’ve been snapping away a lot of mothers natures magic.  (Okay and the puppy).  I’ve also been doing volunteer photography for Alexander Dawson School capturing my daughters basketball team whenever possible. Photographing sports is sharpening my skills in this genre while enjoying watching the enthusiasm and joy of seeing these games.

I’m looking forward to watching my business grow and expand while meeting new people with whom I can share details of their lives that they don’t always see.

Below are a few of my favorite shots from the last few weeks!

  • Example
  • My puppy with a camera lens
  • The DJ from the Alexander Dawson School Gala
  • Champagne flutes from the Alexander Dawson School Gala
  • My daughter behind the lens
  • Example

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  1. I’m just getting caught up on your blog posts. Love that photo of Sasha with the camera!! And ArlowBobMarlow, of course. ☺️

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