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It’s summer!

Wow, time flies. I can’t believe a month has passed. I’ve been busy getting ready for summer to begin. Lots of little life details to get into order. I think I’m ready…*think* being the key word.

I have also taken charge and I am now running my site on my own and it’s a learning curve for me.  I take pictures, I catch moments. I don’t know much about SEO and plug-ins and every other little thing entailed in doing this so bear with me, please? Ironically I “wrote” this post two days ago and got confused doing all the updates and plug in updates. I’ll get this down though and can’t wait to start writing more.

I shot a fabulous wedding for Clink Inc and Penn Jillette during May and what can I say? These events are always fun and the clientele are so wonderful. Their cake topper were two little dinosaurs and so very adorable. (Although I admit I craved cake for days afterwards) Penn is looking amazing these days, have you been keeping up with Sunday School ? Or checked out his latest project  HERE  and  HERE.  Also Penn & Teller will be staring on Broadway  this summer! I can’t wait to hear all about it. Who knows maybe I can make a trip out there to catch the show 😉

With summer upon us, outside photos are great idea. I am a lover of natural light and with these long days I am in my element.  Summer day photo sessions doing something as simple as a family picnic can be a great idea so when those cold winter months creep back to us you have a sunny grin to look back at.

I will be photographing a school graduation next week and I am so excited to get all the little moments that get missed in the excitement of such a big event. The smiles and even the tears as students and parents wander around before (and after) it all begins.

Just around the corner my little ones will be home and I am excited to photograph them being kids while I can. Summer break can be a special time in family life. The most mundane of days, are usually forgotten and taken for granted, I plan on catching these fleeting minutes with my lens. You should think about calling me and capturing them too!

I promise not to be gone so long this time, until next time. I’m hoping to make it out to First Friday tomorrow so hopefully my next post will have even more photos. Below are a few from my last wedding that I just loved.



The glamour shot :)
The glamour shot :)
I’m a sucker for a good reflection
Her dress was amazing
cliche but loved
cliche but loved