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Summertime in Las Vegas

I am finally popping in to say hi and tell you all what I’ve been up to. It feels like months of summer have passed already and really we’re only a few weeks in. The temperature in Las Vegas is steadily rising. That’s the thing about living here, it’s either REALLY hot or REALLY cold. I’d say that on average there are 4 weeks per year of perfect weather. Each season (really there are only two here) a polar opposite of the other. Year after year I seem to forget just how hot or how cold it can get.

I recently had the opportunity to shoot a school graduation. My main goal being to catch the little details and emotions of the event. As I took pictures I was reminded why I like being behind the scenes and unobtrusive when I photograph events. When I looked at the images, I was totally reminded why I LOVE what I do. The pictures showed a range of emotions in the kids, being on the brink of happily moving forward and tentatively saying goodbye to friends.

I’m sad to say I shot my last Clink Inc. wedding for the summer. It was an another perfect wedding performed by Penn Jillette followed by the newlyweds taking a ride on the Rio zip line after saying their vows. I have to say that although these wedding shoots were only of the ceremony itself, they were super fun and I enjoyed them. I wish Penn & Teller the very best on their new broadway show!

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