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what IS a personal photographer ?

I was recently asked “what is a personal photographer?”…It caught me off guard. What I do feels so natural to me that it has never occurred to me that the phrase itself might be confusing to some. In the simplest of terms my main goal as your personal photographer is to leave you with details that happen so often or subconsciously you don’t even realize. I want to give you a visual journal of your everyday days and your big days. I don’t want to come to you for a single session because that’s not who you are, that’s who you want my camera to see. My¬†ultimately goal is for my clients to see the moments and thing about them that make them who they are. That’s why I started this business. Rather than doing single sessions or portraits which I will never claim to be my strong suit I want to record slices of your life. One of my favorite stories through my years of photography is about a young couple I happened upon.
A few years ago while my family and I were on vacation we were outside in a grass area when I noticed a young couple across from us. We didn’t know each other but as I watched them I could tell something was about to happen. I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. As I watched this young man wobbly go down on one knee with a lump in his throat and the young womans range of expressions as her hands flew up to cover her mouth in surprise with eyes glistening I kept shooting.
When the proposal was over I walked over and introduced my self and told them I had been photographing the entire scene. I knew right then that this, this is what I genuinely love about the type of photography I do. Capturing a moment in someones life that usually is left to our brain to record is something I love doing.
It doesn’t have to be an engagement, or a big event (although it certainly can be) but just life. I want to be the one that gives you a tangible piece of what will become your past.

Not dead or out of business

I have no reason other than life took over for the last two and a half months. I can see a light at the end of this photography tunnel though. Just a few more days. I have lots of new pictures to upload and things to talk about. I hope everyone has had a fantastic summer and I look forward to “seeing” you soon!


slowing UP

I am both proud and thrilled to be a part of a photography blog with a group of photographers that I have looked up to for years now It’s a weekly blog (and hey! I’m only one week behind) you should definitely add this to your favorites list. I rather love the name of this new blog, Slowing Up, it seem stop mean so many things in my brain…This group of people have made some magical things happen through their lenses, not only are they insanely talented they are also just good people. I hope you go check them out


Its truly an honor to me that I am included with these amazing people. I have to pinch myself weekly.

Summertime in Las Vegas

I am finally popping in to say hi and tell you all what I’ve been up to. It feels like months of summer have passed already and really we’re only a few weeks in. The temperature in Las Vegas is steadily rising. That’s the thing about living here, it’s either REALLY hot or REALLY cold. I’d say that on average there are 4 weeks per year of perfect weather. Each season (really there are only two here) a polar opposite of the other. Year after year I seem to forget just how hot or how cold it can get.

I recently had the opportunity to shoot a school graduation. My main goal being to catch the little details and emotions of the event. As I took pictures I was reminded why I like being behind the scenes and unobtrusive when I photograph events. When I looked at the images, I was totally reminded why I LOVE what I do. The pictures showed a range of emotions in the kids, being on the brink of happily moving forward and tentatively saying goodbye to friends.

I’m sad to say I shot my last Clink Inc. wedding for the summer. It was an another perfect wedding performed by Penn Jillette followed by the newlyweds taking a ride on the Rio zip line after saying their vows. I have to say that although these wedding shoots were only of the ceremony itself, they were super fun and I enjoyed them. I wish Penn & Teller the very best on their new broadway show!

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