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what IS a personal photographer ?

I was recently asked “what is a personal photographer?”…It caught me off guard. What I do feels so natural to me that it has never occurred to me that the phrase itself might be confusing to some. In the simplest of terms my main goal as your personal photographer is to leave you with details that happen so often or subconsciously you don’t even realize. I want to give you a visual journal of your everyday days and your big days. I don’t want to come to you for a single session because that’s not who you are, that’s who you want my camera to see. My ultimately goal is for my clients to see the moments and thing about them that make them who they are. That’s why I started this business. Rather than doing single sessions or portraits which I will never claim to be my strong suit I want to record slices of your life. One of my favorite stories through my years of photography is about a young couple I happened upon.
A few years ago while my family and I were on vacation we were outside in a grass area when I noticed a young couple across from us. We didn’t know each other but as I watched them I could tell something was about to happen. I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. As I watched this young man wobbly go down on one knee with a lump in his throat and the young womans range of expressions as her hands flew up to cover her mouth in surprise with eyes glistening I kept shooting.
When the proposal was over I walked over and introduced my self and told them I had been photographing the entire scene. I knew right then that this, this is what I genuinely love about the type of photography I do. Capturing a moment in someones life that usually is left to our brain to record is something I love doing.
It doesn’t have to be an engagement, or a big event (although it certainly can be) but just life. I want to be the one that gives you a tangible piece of what will become your past.

Not dead or out of business

I have no reason other than life took over for the last two and a half months. I can see a light at the end of this photography tunnel though. Just a few more days. I have lots of new pictures to upload and things to talk about. I hope everyone has had a fantastic summer and I look forward to “seeing” you soon!


slowing UP

I am both proud and thrilled to be a part of a photography blog with a group of photographers that I have looked up to for years now It’s a weekly blog (and hey! I’m only one week behind) you should definitely add this to your favorites list. I rather love the name of this new blog, Slowing Up, it seem stop mean so many things in my brain…This group of people have made some magical things happen through their lenses, not only are they insanely talented they are also just good people. I hope you go check them out


Its truly an honor to me that I am included with these amazing people. I have to pinch myself weekly.

Summertime in Las Vegas

I am finally popping in to say hi and tell you all what I’ve been up to. It feels like months of summer have passed already and really we’re only a few weeks in. The temperature in Las Vegas is steadily rising. That’s the thing about living here, it’s either REALLY hot or REALLY cold. I’d say that on average there are 4 weeks per year of perfect weather. Each season (really there are only two here) a polar opposite of the other. Year after year I seem to forget just how hot or how cold it can get.

I recently had the opportunity to shoot a school graduation. My main goal being to catch the little details and emotions of the event. As I took pictures I was reminded why I like being behind the scenes and unobtrusive when I photograph events. When I looked at the images, I was totally reminded why I LOVE what I do. The pictures showed a range of emotions in the kids, being on the brink of happily moving forward and tentatively saying goodbye to friends.

I’m sad to say I shot my last Clink Inc. wedding for the summer. It was an another perfect wedding performed by Penn Jillette followed by the newlyweds taking a ride on the Rio zip line after saying their vows. I have to say that although these wedding shoots were only of the ceremony itself, they were super fun and I enjoyed them. I wish Penn & Teller the very best on their new broadway show!

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It’s summer!

Wow, time flies. I can’t believe a month has passed. I’ve been busy getting ready for summer to begin. Lots of little life details to get into order. I think I’m ready…*think* being the key word.

I have also taken charge and I am now running my site on my own and it’s a learning curve for me.  I take pictures, I catch moments. I don’t know much about SEO and plug-ins and every other little thing entailed in doing this so bear with me, please? Ironically I “wrote” this post two days ago and got confused doing all the updates and plug in updates. I’ll get this down though and can’t wait to start writing more.

I shot a fabulous wedding for Clink Inc and Penn Jillette during May and what can I say? These events are always fun and the clientele are so wonderful. Their cake topper were two little dinosaurs and so very adorable. (Although I admit I craved cake for days afterwards) Penn is looking amazing these days, have you been keeping up with Sunday School ? Or checked out his latest project  HERE  and  HERE.  Also Penn & Teller will be staring on Broadway  this summer! I can’t wait to hear all about it. Who knows maybe I can make a trip out there to catch the show 😉

With summer upon us, outside photos are great idea. I am a lover of natural light and with these long days I am in my element.  Summer day photo sessions doing something as simple as a family picnic can be a great idea so when those cold winter months creep back to us you have a sunny grin to look back at.

I will be photographing a school graduation next week and I am so excited to get all the little moments that get missed in the excitement of such a big event. The smiles and even the tears as students and parents wander around before (and after) it all begins.

Just around the corner my little ones will be home and I am excited to photograph them being kids while I can. Summer break can be a special time in family life. The most mundane of days, are usually forgotten and taken for granted, I plan on catching these fleeting minutes with my lens. You should think about calling me and capturing them too!

I promise not to be gone so long this time, until next time. I’m hoping to make it out to First Friday tomorrow so hopefully my next post will have even more photos. Below are a few from my last wedding that I just loved.



The glamour shot :)
The glamour shot :)
I’m a sucker for a good reflection
Her dress was amazing
cliche but loved
cliche but loved



Las Vegas Photography Mini Session from Now Until June!

Book a Las Vegas Photography Mini Session from Now Until June – Only $200!

I’ve had a hiccup in posting to my blog the last two weeks. Life events got in the way and occupied much of my time. I wont bore you with the details but I did continue to photograph my happenings.

First Friday is approaching again but I don’t think I’ll make it out this time. I will be back there before summer ends though. I’m just unable to get out there this month. The temperatures are rising here in Vegas which also means the magic hour is upon us and my love of natural light is being fulfilled.

I’ve been playing the proud momma bear watching my oldest daughter at her track meets and my youngest daughter conquer her stage fright and performing as a lead vocalist at a show at the house of blues. Family has been on my mind a lot and I wonder what other families do in their day to day lives. These are the moments I wish to photograph. School is almost over for the year (a contradiction of emotions accompanies this) and I am working out my schedule to continue capturing others moments.

From now until June I am running a special on “Mini Shoots,” a Las Vegas photography mini session that will be approximately a half hour with a guarantee of 10 incredible shots at the location of your choice. Your investment for this spectacular deal is only $200. This can also be applied to Senior Prom pictures, graduation pictures and just summer fun sessions!

On another note, I have been a mobile photographer for a number of years and have gone through almost every lens attachment out there for my phone and came across the Ztylus lens system. I am completely won over by them. During a break at a photoshoot a few months ago, I saw someone with the case on their phone and asked what it was and how it works, after being shown I ordered one right there on the spot. It hasn’t left my phone since. I’ve been a macro photography enthusiast for a while and this by far has been my favorite lens to use. If you follow me on Instagram you will see I am addicted to these shots. The company contacted me after seeing what I was doing with it and asked if I would be a featured Ambassador of the company, *not a sales rep* but I get the added bonus of being able to give my followers and friends a 25% (TWENTY-FIVE percent!!) discount if you use the code: EDGE25.

Last thing you can also find me on Viewbug now!  I am slowly adding things there day by day.

Until next time,

Now, enjoy some of my favorite shots from this week!

Las Vegas photography mini session blog image 1

Las Vegas photography mini session blog image 3

Las Vegas photography mini session blog image 2

Things You See in Vegas: Vegas Bike Club Edition

Things You See in Vegas:  Vegas Bike Club Edition

First I want to give credit to the people and vendors I encountered last week at First Friday.  They were all awesome and just so much fun to get to know.  Below is a list of these fabulous people. Make sure to check them out:

Vertex3 – (
Burses by Ammy – ( Handmade AMAZING purses made with books! I have been drooling over these for years now.
Bad Art inc – Neil Burkinshaw (  His view of the world through his art is satirically wonderful.
Recycled Propaganda:
The Dead Flux : they had the coolest Star Wars lamp!
Dunkees: The artwork made my eyes dance. Incredible 3D work.

Happy Monday all!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  It was gorgeous here in Las Vegas, it’s starting to get hot though.  Friday while driving home I made a random turn and ran into a super cool bicycle mob event.  I’m still not sure what it was but I of course had to pull over and snap a few shots.  I shall keep my eyes posted for any news about it and if it’ll be happening again, looks like a Vegas bike club.

The month is flying by and wedding “season” is sneaking up on us soon and I’m excited to capture that special day, please make sure to glance at my packages or send me an email with any inquiries.

I’m currently trying to put together a mini shoot sale so make sure to keep checking back.

Below are a few shots from my Friday night surprise.

Until next time,

Check out some cool photos of the Vegas Bike Club I Encountered

Click any photo to enter lightbox gallery. Scroll or swipe right to left to flip through the photos. Enjoy!

  • Vegas Bike Club image 1
  • Vegas Bike Club image 2
  • Vegas Bike Club image 3
  • Vegas Bike Club image 4
  • Vegas Bike Club image 5
  • Vegas Bike Club image 6
  • Vegas Bike Club image 7
  • Vegas Bike Club image 8
  • Vegas Bike Club image 9
  • Vegas Bike Club image 10
  • Vegas Bike Club image 11
  • Vegas Bike Club image 12
  • Vegas Bike Club image 13

Rio Las Vegas Wedding with Penn Jillette

Sorry for my delay in posting, it’s been a hectic week and a half.  I was lucky enough to be a part of a wedding held on the roof of the Rio in Las Vegas being performed by  Penn Jillette  last weekend as the sun was getting ready to set, luckily is was not too hot and not windy (both a plus here).  The bride and groom and their families were fun and lovely.  It’s people like them that make my job fun.  All in all it was a fantastic experience.  (Check out some of the images below).  By the way,  Penn has a new project going called Director’s Cut.  Check it out HERE and be sure follow the project on Twitter HERE.  You can also help fund the project!

First Friday on April 3rd was a huge hit.  The weather was nearly perfect.  I admit to being worried as we had horrible winds all day Thursday.  Being in Las Vegas perfect weather doesn’t happen often.  It’s always either very hot or really cold.  There are about six weeks throughout the year that we have that are perfect.  Friday was on of those perfect evenings.  People were out everywhere to enjoy it.  The crowd was as eclectic as the art and music, all making my eyes dance and all inspiring me.  There were so many pieces of art I wish I could have taken home with me.  If you haven’t made it out there yet, GO! The next First Friday is Friday May 1, 2015. I’m already planning on going. I hope to see some of you out there, just look for the pink hair and the lens.

Until next time,

Check out some images from the Rio Las Vegas Wedding last weekend with the amazing Penn Jillette!

Here are some images of the happy bride, groom, their family & Penn Jillette at their Rio Las Vegas wedding!  Click any photo to open the light box gallery.  Enjoy!

  • Rio Las Vegas Wedding with Penn Jillette - image 1
  • Rio Las Vegas Wedding with Penn Jillette - image 3
  • Rio Las Vegas Wedding with Penn Jillette - image 4
  • Rio Las Vegas Wedding with Penn Jillette - image 5
  • Rio Las Vegas Wedding with Penn Jillette - image 6
  • Rio Las Vegas Wedding with Penn Jillette - image 7
  • Rio Las Vegas Wedding with Penn Jillette - image 8
  • Rio Las Vegas Wedding with Penn Jillette - image 9
  • Rio Las Vegas Wedding with Penn Jillette - image 10
  • Rio Las Vegas Wedding with Penn Jillette - image 11
  • Rio Las Vegas Wedding with Penn Jillette - image 12
  • Rio Las Vegas Wedding with Penn Jillette - image 13
  • Rio Las Vegas Wedding with Penn Jillette - image 16
  • Rio Las Vegas Wedding with Penn Jillette - image 17
  • Rio Las Vegas Wedding with Penn Jillette - image 18
  • Rio Las Vegas Wedding with Penn Jillette - image 19
  • Rio Las Vegas Wedding with Penn Jillette - image 21
  • Rio Las Vegas Wedding with Penn Jillette - image 22
  • Rio Las Vegas Wedding with Penn Jillette - image 23
  • Rio Las Vegas Wedding with Penn Jillette - image 14
  • Rio Las Vegas Wedding with Penn Jillette - image 20


Rio Las Vegas wedding images – Edgewood Rd. Las Vegas photography blog – © 2015 Michelle Kolchins.  All rights reserved.

Facebook Update & the Next First Friday is April 3!

Facebook Update & the Next First Friday is April 3!

Hello again! Its time to get things started. Facebook has finally changed my page name, If you haven’t been to my Facebook page already, stop by and check me out.  I will be announcing a special next week both here and there so make sure to check it out.
I’m looking forward to getting out and shooting First Friday Las Vegas next week. The Las Vegas Art scene is so diverse and eclectic. It’s a visual feast for my creativity and my lens and I am hungry.  First Friday this month is April 3rd.  First Friday has been running for over ten years now. It’s held on the first Friday of every month, the main address is 1228 S Casino Center Blvd. but spans a few blocks. There are fabulous art galleries to check out, live music and incredible food.

It’s truly an amazing thing to see and be a part of. The weather has started to turn nice and it should be beautiful out. If you are a Vegas local, you should come out and enjoy the fun.

I hope to see you there!

Until next time,

Here’s some of my favorite images from a previous First Friday Las Vegas.  Enjoy!

To view larger images from this First Friday Las Vegas preview, just click an image.  Use your mouse or swipe left & right to switch images.

  • Bar patrons enjoying First Friday Las Vegas
  • A beach bicycle parked at First Friday Las Vegas
  • A graffiti artist preparing his paint at First Friday Las Vegas
  • Alleyway at First Friday Las Vegas

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Hello & Welcome to Edgewood Rd. Photography!

Hi and welcome to the Edgewood Rd. Photography blog! This is where I will keep you up to date on sessions and a bit about me. This being my first official post I’m just going to catch you up on all that’s been going on for me and Edgewood Rd. Photography.

My most recent photo session was for the Alexander Dawson 11th Annual Reach for the Stars Gala! This year the event was held at The Marquee in the Cosmopolitan Hotel. It was a night of beautiful people, an incredible backdrop and an atmosphere of ease and fun, giving me many wonderful photo opportunities. I truly enjoyed the night and it was hard to call it work.

Arlow the Puppy - Las Vegas photography blog
Arlow the Puppy – ain’t he sweet?

Spring is in the air here in Las Vegas, I’ve found myself wandering around outside, camera in hand and a new puppy by my side taking photos for my site & Las Vegas photography blog. I love the beginning of spring when everything is blooming and the bees are buzzing (My secret talent is I’m a bee whisperer). This time of year makes for my favorite kind of lighting, that extraordinary natural light so I’ve been snapping away a lot of mothers natures magic.  (Okay and the puppy).  I’ve also been doing volunteer photography for Alexander Dawson School capturing my daughters basketball team whenever possible. Photographing sports is sharpening my skills in this genre while enjoying watching the enthusiasm and joy of seeing these games.

I’m looking forward to watching my business grow and expand while meeting new people with whom I can share details of their lives that they don’t always see.

Below are a few of my favorite shots from the last few weeks!

  • Example
  • My puppy with a camera lens
  • The DJ from the Alexander Dawson School Gala
  • Champagne flutes from the Alexander Dawson School Gala
  • My daughter behind the lens
  • Example

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